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Saturday, July 23, 2011



Saturday, 8:30 AM.  59 degrees, wind N to,NE, strong with very strong gusts.  The sky is mostly overcast and the down barometer predicts partly cloudy skies.  The heat wave seems to be broken here in Bayfield.  My guess is that now people will start complaining it is too cold.  Anyway, there will be some disappointed kayakers.
    The yellow water lilies ( genus Nuphar) are blooming in Ashland in the Fish Creek Slough, and in the backwaters of the Sioux River, where they are visible from the Hwy. 13 bridge.  I am not expert enough to tell the species at a distance (maybe nobody can) but from what I can gather from various plant record data bases these would be Nuphar variegatum or N. advena.  At first, from a distance, I thought they were the American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) but not so upon further consideration, and in any case lotus would have been out of its range in far northern Wisconsin.  Yellow water lily is not in the same genus as the common water lily, (Nyphaea) which has a much different flower.  All are in the water lily family (Nmphaceae) and evidently the starchy tubers and sometimes the seeds of all were used as winter food by native Americans.
    I have an inflation story to tell.  Yesterday I was going to buy some ordinary chicken noodle soup at the IGA in Washburn.  Usually around a dollar or less for a small can, it was $1.87! I put it back on the shelf. Of course, food is not usually included in the official inflation index; perhaps because that's where inflation is most obvious and and hurtful and drawing attention to it would get the voters all  riled up.  What will it take make people understand that the wanton printing of money  to monetize our national debt will put the common person in the poor house?  Maybe an increase of 75% in the family  food budget!

1 comment:

  1. I enjoy food shopping, at the IGA or anywhere.
    From my observations some items have tripled.
    Mostly commodities and breads. I simply have cut out things like soda and the expensive items that you just don't need. I wonder what a family does when they have children, it has to hit them very hard. The CPI is silly and the numbers they come up with are always false.