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Monday, November 14, 2011





Monday, 7:30 AM.  34 degrees, wind WSW, calm at ground level, but white clouds moving rapidly at high altitude.  The sky is partly cloudy and the barometer predicts the same.  It will be a nice day.
    This morning I mst leave early for a Zoning Board of Appeals meeting, which I chair.  I cannot comment on the subject except to say that the appeal involves city ordinances which might be construed as anti-business.
    The next several weeks the blog is likely to be primarily about deer hunting.  I am a much better observer of nature than hunter, or at least that is my excuse if unsuccessful.  I have been baiting in several locations to try to determine where I might be most successful, and it looks like my efforts will mainly be at my stand in the big country west of the apple orchards.  There may be better places, but I long ago determined to hunt where it is not too difficult, and I do not need an ATV to get in and back.  I also have vowed to take only a sure shot, as I hunt alone and do not want to drag a deer out of some inaccessible swamp.  So I hunt where I can access by truck and shank’s mare.
    Yesterday I poured buck attractant on the active scrape less than a hundred yards from my stand, and before opening morning I will put down additional doe in estrous scent to try to lure him within range.  Hope he cooperates, as it is bucks only in Bayfield County this year.
    Political insight: having just been to Ohio, I was not surprised to learn of the defeat of the bill to limit the bargaining rights of public employees, as the measure seemed to be quite unpopular.  People are wary of change, regardless of whether is is good or bad, to the right or the left, and it is a fact the politicians must understand and adjust their ambitions to.

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