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Thursday, September 15, 2011



Thursday, 7:00 AM.  37.5 degrees, wind WSW, moderate.  The sky is clear except for a bank of high cumulus clouds in the east.  The barometer is down a bit and the humidity is still low.
    We again received a smattering of raindrops from a threatening sky yesterday around 6:00 PM, but not enough to do any good.  I do hope northern Minnesota got something out of the system to help combat the forest fires, which have been out of control for a month and have burned 60,00 acres. So, that was indeed woodsmoke from the forest fires that I smelled last night!
    There won’t be a blog for a few days as we are heading to Oconomowoc (about seven hours south)  to do some goose hunting at the Peebles farm.  Bill and Alleen are friends of half a century and more, and we look forward to seeing them.  Shooting a few geese is just an excuse to visit…our old friends are far more important to us now than the hunt!  Northern geese have been flying for the past several days, passing overhead in large flocks, heading south, taking advantage of the northerly winds, and now anxious to move to a warmer clime. It is good to hear goose music once again.

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  1. Well, Dad, if Atticus knew, he would be jealous, but he's at the "big dog" kennel training for the Master National... I just won't tell him.

    (just seeing if these comments work...)