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Wednesday, July 13, 2016



Wednesday, 8:45 AM.  76 at the ferry dock, 72  on the back porch.  Wind SSW, strong and gusty.  The humidity has fallen to a more comfortable 67%, and the barometer, currently at 29.61", has a bit more to fall before trending upward.  It is a breezy, warm, sunny morning...a lot better than a storm!
   It stormed Tuesday and Tuesday night, dumping several inches of rain on Bayfield.  The winds were high and the rain hard, but we sustained little real damage in the city.  The rest of the Northland was not so fortunate.  
   Roads and bridges south and west of Bayfield were washed out, and for a day or so a lot of folks were stranded.  Still might be, I guess.  The Bad River flooded at Odanah east of Ashland, closing Hwy. 2. to the east.   Hwy 13 south of Ashland had a bridge out, and Hwy. 63 south of Mason was closed where it goes through the Bibon swamp.  There were reports of one death.  One could still go to Duluth but not much any where else.
   Lakes and rivers are high, and huge trails of turbid water lead out into Lake Superior from every river and creek. The big lake is very high.
   The Ashland County sheriff has told folks not to drive in Ashland County at night until roads and bridges are declared safe.

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