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Saturday, May 6, 2017



Saturday, 7:00 AM.  38 degrees F at the ferry dock, 36 on the back porch.  Wind variable and calm, the skies overcast and the humidity 94%.  The barometer is rising, now at 30.03".  Mixed skies and temperatures around 50 are predicted for the next seven days.  It is a cool, slow spring.
   This is perfect spring weather for bulbs; cool, humid, with adequate moisture and no blasting hot days.  With weather like this bulbs can bloom for a month or more, which makes them a poor subject for analyzing so-called "climate change."  They indicate what the weather of a particular spring is like, but not much else.  My first-bloom dates for Bayfield's daffodils are as follows: 4/14/17; 4/26/16; 5/08/14; 4/14/11; 4/15/10. Pretty consistent, all things considered, but the length of the display speaks to the weather of spring,
   In any case, this appears to be a lengthy daffodil season, and they should be absolutely at their peak for the Bayfield In Bloom kickoff next Friday, May 12.
   Holland is the center of bulb hybridization, production and display, and its weather is cool, damp and humid.  If you can't make it to the great Dutch bulb displays at Keukenhof, come on up to Bayfield for the daffodils.

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