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Wednesday, July 5, 2017




Wednesday, 7:30 AM.  61 degrees F at both the ferry dock and on the back porch.  Wind variable and calm, the skies cloudy and completely overcast.  It is raining, the humidity 100%.  The barometer is falling, now at 29.96".  The week ahead will be wet, with daily chances of rain and thunderstorms, the highs from  the mid-60's to mid-70's.  At least it didn't rain on the Madeline Island parade.
   The Russians are trolling our internet again, this blog site getting twice as many page views from Russia as from the USA over the holiday weekend.  My guess is they are looking for social data on President Trump, to assess his political strength before his G20  meeting with Vladimir.  Maybe the CIA should hire me as an analyst.
   We enjoyed the Fourth of July holiday, didn't do much except a little gardening, and watched the the Milwaukee Brewers, who are on a roll, take a second game from Baltimore.. And of course we watched the Madeline Island fireworks from the back porch (taking decent photos of fireworks is well beyond my pay grade, however).
   I did have a rather interesting encounter with a neighborhood coyote yesterday, while standing in the road talking with the Bayfield Chief of Police, who was making his morning rounds in his squad car.
   A curious coyote came out of the neighbors yard and stopped and looked at us, not twenty feet away.  He was bigger than Buddy, pretty good sized for a coyote.  He listened to us talking for a few moments and then turned to mosey on down the road.  Buddy evidently considered him just another dog, as he showed no interest at all.
   Wishing to get a photo, I whistled and he turned around and looked at us again, ears up.  I wasn't quick enough to get a good shot, and stopped him again with a whistle, after which he took off cross country, and all I was left with was this photo of the south end of a coyote heading north.

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