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Friday, August 11, 2017



Friday, 7:45 AM.  63 degrees F at the ferry dock, 59 on the back porch.  Wind variable, with light gusts.  The sky is clear, the humidity 83%.  The barometer is steady, at 30.11".  The highs will be in the mid-seventies and the sky clear until next mid-week, when a falling barometer will bring chances of rain and thunderstorms.  We are in for a week of great summer weather.
   It will not be long before apple season arrives, and frm the looks of the orchard and roadside trees, laden with l ittle green apples, it will be a bumper crop.

Little Green Apples

Little green apples
where you were hiding in
blossoms on my tree

Hummingbirds hovered, 
bees kissed the white blossoms, 
promised little green apples.

Little green apples
who would taste your tartness first
blue jays, swallows, me? 

Last season's apples, 
wrinkled skin scattered under tree-
forgotten old men. 

Jay P. Narain

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