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Thursday, August 10, 2017


Thursday, 8:30 AM.  63 degrees F at the ferry dock,  62 on the back porch.  Wind variable and calm.  The sky is overcast and it is raining, the humidity 94%.  The barometer is still falling, currently at 30.07".  Rain will stop later this morning, the day's high will be in the mid-60's.  The week ahead is predicted to have highs in the 70's with clearing skies and no rain.
   Buddy and I got caught in a shower on our morning walk, which was cut short as we stood under a roadside tree as we waited for a break in the rain.  It is a quiet, wet morning, the gentle rain refreshing and pleasant.
   Joan asked me to pick some flowers for a table bouquet yesterday, and I collected roadside blooms from down the street and added a few purple coneflowers from the garden to the mix and she had the makings of a fine summer flower arrangement.  Tansy, wild oregano, wild asparagus and purple coneflower, and viola:
  Summer in a vase.

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