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Tuesday, September 11, 2012



Tuesday, 7:45 AM.  66 degrees F, wind WSW, calm to light.  The sky is partly cloudy with high, thin white clouds and considerable haze.  The barometer predicts rain but the humidity is low.  May be this afternoon or evening.  In the meantime it is a pleasant, quiet morning.
We saw two rolly-polly  bear cubs, each perhaps forty pounds or so, crossing Washington Ave. on Cemetery Hill late yesterday afternoon.  I had the camera in hand but couldn't get a photo .
   The Azure Asters, A. azurius, in the composite family, are beautiful this year, these are along Ninth Street, just south of Washington Ave.
                          A CONVERSATION ABOUT EQUALITY
Say, I  have a question about how Obamacare is going to be paid for. 
    Don’t worry, you will be taken care of, along with everyone else.  We will all be equal.
 But I pay into Medicare, 1.5% of my salary, every paycheck.
     Don’t worry, we will all be taken care of, we will all be equal.
But I have paid into Medicare, 1.5% of my salary, for fifty years.
    Don’t you understand?We are all going to be equal.
But what will happen to all the money I have already paid in?
    Why worry about that, when we will all be equal?
Shouldn’t I get that money back, or at least interest  on the money I have paid in?
    Don’t you understand, we will all be equal!
Will I continue to pay for my health care, while others pay  nothing?
    Why should you care, you will receive what everyone else does, we will all be equal.
Wait a minute!  The situation is serious. My home is only worth a fraction of what it was, my lifetime investment is gone.
    You are very lucky, some of us never owned a home. But we shall all soon be equal!
My retirement savings are almost gone, and the dollars that are left aren't worth much.
    You were fortunate to have  had any savings, when so many others had  none.  So now we are all equal.
Inflation is so high my food and gasoline prices have doubled in the last four years!
    You can apply for food stamps, and if you qualify, be equal to everyone else.
But I am working two jobs to make ends meet.
    You are very lucky to have a job at all, and  you should be happy to pay more taxes.  We must spread the wealth around so that we all can be equal.
But I can hardly get by!
    Neither can anyone else; we are all equal now.
I keep wondering, what ever happened to The American Dream?
     Never mind that old fashioned idea.  Thank your government that  that we are all equal now. 

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