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Wednesday, September 12, 2012



Wednesday, 8:00 AM.  62 degrees F, wind WSW, light.  The sky is overcast with stationary rain clouds and we have had a few drops of the same, but the humidity is low and the barometer is up.  We will might get some rain this morning but it will probably clear up later this afternoon or evening.

Gasoline prices have doubled in the last four years.  Inflation is so high that I can’t afford to drive my car to work.
That’s not the fault of inflation. You should drive an environmentally friendly, no gasoline electric car.
I can’t afford one, they cost too much.
That’s your fault, you don’t earn enough money.
I haven’t had a raise in years, my company can’t afford it.
That’s because you don’t belong to a union.
How would belonging to a union give my company more money so that it can afford to give me a raise?
If you belonged to a union you could go on strike and that would force the company to raise its prices so that it could pay you enough to drive an electric car.
If I had the money to buy an electric car I would have enough money to buy gasoline for my present car and I wouldn’t need the electric car that I can’t afford.
You need to buy the electric car you can’t afford so that the electric car company can pay its workers a high enough wage so they can afford to buy one, because gasoline costs too much.
Let me try to understand this.  Gasoline costs too much so I should go on strike so that someone else can make enough money to drive an electric car.
Of course.
But the problem is inflated gasoline prices.
Inflation is not the cause of high gasoline prices.  Gas prices are too high because there isn’t enough gasoline.
Wait a minute.  We are sitting on enough oil and gas deposits in North America to provide us with transportation fuels for the next hundred years.
Of course.  But what will we do a hundred years from now when we run out, and the oceans have risen and the planet has dried up because there is no water,  and all that?  We have to think ahead and limit the production of gasoline.
But I can’t afford to drive my car to get to work.
I told you, you need to drive an environmentally friendly, no gasoline electric car.
O.K., O.K.! I’ll join a union, go on strike and not have to buy any gasoline to go to work. My troubles are over.
See, just as I told you, inflation is not the problem.
Wow! God Bless America!
Don't use the G word!

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