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Sunday, October 7, 2012


Sunday, 8:30 AM.  35 degrees F, wind SW, light.  The sky is partly overcast with high, thin gray  clouds which are rapidly clearing.  The barometer  predicts rain but I think it will turn out to be a decent day for the big parade.
   The truck is decorated with end-of-season flower baskets. It stayed in the garage last night in case the temperature got down below freezing.  We have all had our fill of the vendors booths, and Allison and her mother had their ride on the ferris wheel on the midway (not a very tall ride, but evidently enough to fill the desires of an almost-five-year-old.  So the parade is the big event of the day, with all its floats and bands.  It usually has a few incumbent politicians and their challengers, and that will probably produce some heat on a cold day in the current election cycle.  I would just as soon they didn't show up this year, but they will, that's for sure.
   It's rather amazing how much smaller the Honda Ridgeline truck bed actually is than the Chevy Silverado; it sure holds a lot fewer flowers, but it is much more convenient and looks really nice.  I wish I could post a picture of it, but I am still having trouble with uploading Google Chrome and an operating system for my old Mac that will support it.
    Not for lack of trying, I might add.  Blog reader and occasional contributor Pat Weedon of Weedon Graphics was in town for Applefest, all the way from the Madison, Wisconsin area.  He dropped by and tried to install OSX 10.4 and do some other magic, but it seems the root of my problem is a non-functioning DVD drive.  Now I  must decide whether and when I can get that fixed.  It looks like a big job but it may be worth it. Pat explained that the eMacs are hard to work on because everything is built around what is basically a TV monitor, rather than the flat screens of today. Analogous to working on a '76 Pontiac V8, I guess, where you had to jack the car up and remove a front tire to replace the #8 spark plug. Great car, though.  Pat did install a 500MB RAM chip so at least now the old computer is a lot faster.  Thanks, Pat; a friend-in-need is a friend indeed.
      And, I had better get things fixed before I inadvertently loose more information.  I somehow clicked when I  should have clacked, and lost all my blogs back to September 19.  I have hard copy of any that I thought were decent prose, but I don't think I will bother re-posting any of them at this time. Maybe I will pick out a few and post them before the election. So, if you haven't read them, you are out of luck (or perhaps are in luck). In any case, I shall blog on.

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