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Monday, October 22, 2012


Monday, 8:15 AM.  49 degrees F, wind NW, very breezy.  It was overcast earlier but it is clearing fast, due to obvious upper atmosphere turbulence.  It looks like a bumpy day to fly.  The barometer predicts partly cloudy skies.  It looks like it will be seasonally warm and windy, and a lot more of the remaining leaves will come down and then have to be mulched.
        The interior of the garage is painted and everything organized on walls and shelves.  Neighbor Sherman helped me bring the freezer up to the garage from the basement so it is more convenient (why did we put it down there in the first place?).  Next spring we will have a big garage sale and divest ourselves of needless stuff.  The kids had better come and get what is theirs or it will get sold also.  We are tired of living in a lifetime collection of clutter.
        So, tonight is the last debate, on foreign policy.  Bengazi and Iran will doubtless be the big questions, but I look for Romney to emphasize that a successful  US foreign policy ultimately depends upon a vibrant economy, favorable trade agreements, a strong currency and an indomitable military.  All things which seem to be beyond the grasp of the Obama Administration.  Perhaps, I fear,  by design.

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