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Friday, October 12, 2012


Friday, 8:00 AM.  33 degrees F, wind WSW, calm.  The sky is clear except for a band of puffy white clouds on the eastern horizon.  There is frost on roofs but not much on the ground, and plants were not affected by last night’s temperature.  The barometer is up and it will be a beautiful late fall day.
        We watched the Vice-Presidential debates last night and neither debater scored a knockout.  Paul Ryan was strong on many issues, and as far as we were concerned did not drop the ball on any, but came across as too polite and probably too deferential to his much older opponent.  Joe Biden had good command of many issues, and he showed a great deal of real passion. However, the administration’s line on the Libya debacle is still unclear, as was his presentation of it. 
        But our opinion of Joe Biden as a person plummeted because of his demeanor.  He was strident, continually interrupting his opponent, and in this he was aided and abetted by the moderator, who did nothing to control his indiscretions. 
        But the worst aspect of his persona was his constant  smirking, grinning and laughing; he actually mugged for the camera, exhibiting a nasty smirk. He came across as rude and condescending, and he demeaned the office of the Vice Presidency.  Joe, a serious national political debate should not look like an ancient rerun of “Laugh In.”
        I have thought of a number of excuses for his actions;  he was nervous, or he always acts that way, or he didn’t realize what he was doing.  Unfortunately, I believe it was a planned debate tactic, meant to confuse, unsettle and deflate his opponent.  Joe, it didn’t work.

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