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Thursday, October 18, 2012


Thusday,  8:30 AM.  49 degrees F, wind WNW, calm.  The sky is overcast and it is raining lightly, as it did most of the night. We have gotten perhaps a half inch of rain in the last 48 hours.  The tamaracks have turned to gold
      It rained a bit off and on most of the day on our trip to Duluth.  Had it been ten degrees cooler it would have been a really nasty day.  As it was, it was merely unsetled, particularly in Duluth, where it ricocheted from spring to fall a number of times in a couple of hours.  Talk about changeable!  Duluth is right up there with Denver or Seattle, the weather continually blowing in and out from the lake; fog, rain, sunshine, wind, a constant mix...that's Duluth.
      We have done the drive to and from Duluth on US 2 so many times that it is hard not to be bored, even while viewing the  now-fading colors of fall, so the antidote is the stimulation of talk radio.  All the spin on a number of satellite stations pretty well confirmed my opinion of yesterday that the debate was essentially a toss-up that would not much change the trajectory of the election, which is now picking up momentum in favor of Romney.  The polls are interesting and we watch them, but I can't consider many of them much more than froth.  That said, the Romney/Ryan ticket seems stronger all the time and the Obama/Biden ticket weaker, the later having no record to run on and nothing new to offer for the next four years.  Personally, I think that the reason the President can't articulate a vision for the country is that if he did it would be so radically leftist that it would be totally unpalatable to the great majority of Americans. 

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