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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Wednesday, 8:30 AM.  52 degrees F, Wind N, calm at present.  The sky is overcast and dense fog has crept in from the lake.  The humidity is up and the barometer predicts rain.  The tamaracks have turned from gold to bronze and will soon fall.  There are a few green tomatoes still to bring in and ripen, and a lot of yard work left to be done before winter arrives.
        Back to Monday night’s Presidential debate: the President’s demeanor of supercilious superiority hurt him during several exchanges with Romney, perhaps the worst instance being that regarding Romney’s supposed inexperience with military matters, when the President snidely suggested that Romney was unfamiliar with aircraft carriers, “big ships that airplanes can land on and take off from,” and that technology had eliminated “horses and bayonets,” along with the need for a large navy. It seems that President Obama cannot help lowering himself to demean and belittle an opponent. Certainly Senator John McCain did not treat his total neophyte opponent with such disrespect four years ago.  Romney did not reply in kind, or become angry, but instead replied with, “attacking me is not an agenda.” 
        Not only was it not an agenda, but the President revealed his own lack of military knowledge and his disdain for our warriors by his snide comment.  He obviously has never heard, even second hand or in a movie, the well known close combat order, “fix bayonets.”
        Frankly, I think that “fix bayonets” should be the Republican rallying cry until the election.

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