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Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Wednesday, 8:00 AM.  48 degrees F, wind W, calm.  The sky is overcast but lightening a bit. The barometer predicts rain and the humidity is rising.  Hard to say what the day will bring, but we are off to Duluth on business so hope that the weather is not too inclement.  Buddy will come along and have a MacDonald's burger off the dollar menu, which he dearly loves.  I swear he goes on point when we approach those golden arches.
   We were satisfied with the debate last night.  Our candidate  held his own and looked presidential.  The President showed up, made his points and defended his record as well as he could.  We considered it a toss-up, which is O.K. for Romney but not good enough for the President, and don't think the debate will change the trajectory of the election.

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