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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Thursday, 8:30 AM.  49 degrees F, wind W, moderate with stronger gusts. It is raining hard, the channel is fogged in, the sky is dark and there is occasional lightning. It  rained steadily all night, sometimes torrentially.  The water is running hard in the gutters and ditches and the rain barrels are overflowing but the barometer is heading up.
         I put on boots and rain jacket to take Buddy out this morning, but even he ran for the garage after about five minutes.  Wet dogs don’t smell vey good.
        The maples lost their remaining leaves last night, and even the oaks are looking threadbare, but  the tamaracks are holding tight to their needles and the lilacs are still clothed in the green of summer.
        Ah, the UN!  Coming to a polling place near you to monitor the presidential election process of the United States of America!  Aren’t we lucky to be watched over by this feckless organization comprised of more mullahs and dictators than democracies, invited to our shores by some left wing organization that hopes mightily to find evidence of voter intimidation or fraud in our process. 
        I am sure that if they looked hard enough, long enough and in the right places they might find some voting irregularities in a nation that spans a continent and much of an ocean, has fifty states and 300 million people.  But I am sure their process will be selective enough that they will find only what they wish to find. 
        Uninvited polling place observers may be welcomed in Madison, Wisconsin, even if it takes turning a blind eye to state election laws.  But I don’t think they will fare well, or get within the legal 100 feet of the polling places in San Antonio.  Don’t mess with Texas..

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