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Saturday, October 20, 2012


Saturday, 8:15 AM.  46 degrees F, wind W, calm.  The sky is overcast but the barometer predicts sunshine.  Yesterday turned into a beautiful day, and I think today will also.  The big maple in Jane and Sherman’s yard blocks some of our lake view when it is in leaf.  Last night it lost all of its leaves and our winter view is back, mostly unobscured.
        The Town of Russell annual harvest dinner is tonight and we seldom miss it.  The food is great, especially the homemade pies and other desserts, and it usually has plenty of door prizes, and a gun raffle that I would love to win, so we shall go.  It is held in the Town Hall, out on Hwy. K, just up the road from Andy and Judy’s camp.
        The Libya-Bengazi tragedy is still a mystery, not so much as to what happened, but why.  It will be, I am sure, the leading question in the final debate Monday night, and if not answered honestly by the President he is finished.  I don’t think he will answer it, because the question is not only about the needless death of the Ambassador and three others, but fundamentally it is about the President’s world view and political philosophy,  a truthful explanation of which will be toxic to his reelection. 
.  Either way, he is finished.

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