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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Sunday, 9:00 AM.  43 degrees F, wind SW, calm to light.  The sky is completely overcast and the  barometer predicts rain, which we got a few intermittent showers of yesterday, but it doesn’t feel particularly like rain this morning.  The lawn is now carpeted with golden pine needles and multicolored maple leaves.
        It is too early for the rut, I think, but the deer have become very active at night now, making driving hazardous. In fact, we had a little trip to Minocqua, which is about 130 miles away, yesterday  due to that fact.  The Johnstons are an elderly couple (that means they are at least a year older than Joan and I) who were visiting Bayfield and hit a deer and wrecked their car just outside of Washburn Friday night.  They stayed that night at the Seagull Bay Motel but there was no lodging available for them Saturday night and innkeeper Mike called us to see if we could accommodate them.  We would have been able to, but what they really wanted was to go home. 
        We were able to put off a few tasks and chauffeur them, and we had a really nice trip, enjoyed each others company and had a good lunch in Mercer.  We saw eagles and turkeys along the way and of course a number of roadside deer, which made us very cautious on the trip back.   They have a lot of trouble ahead with car repairs and insurance issues, but as they say, “life happens,” and it will all work out O.K. I am sure.  Buddy was bummed out because he had to stay home,  but that’s life, too.

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