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Sunday, October 28, 2012


Sunday, 9:30 AM.  38 degrees F, up from 32 degrees at dawn.  Wind WSW, light.  The sky is partly cloudy with high, thin white clouds, and there is considerable haze on the eastern horizon.  It is a quiet, rather chilly morning.  I went down to the Egg Toss to get some bakery and ran into a retired doctor friend and his wife.  They live out of town a mile or two and they reported 25 degrees as this morning's low temperature.  The barometer is trending down but it should still be a nice day, with a full moon to grace the evening. 
        We have been super busy and shall take the day off, probably take a ride and look for grouse with Buddy, maybe stop for lunch or dinner somewhere; take some time to savor one of the last days of a very, very beautiful fall.

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