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Friday, October 26, 2012


Friday, 8:15 AM.  35 degrees F, wind W, strong and blustery.  The sky is mostly cloudy but clearing, mixed black and white clouds scudding along in the upper atmosphere.  The barometer predicts sunny skies.  We need sun and wind to dry us out from over two inches of rain in the last several days.  The garden needs to be put to bed and leaves mulched and it is too wet to do either.  Buddy ran and ran this morning, overjoyed at being released from the house.
        It mystifies me why there has not been more true outrage over the Benghazi affair, in which four brave Americans, including an ambassador who was a career State Department employee, were murdered.  They asked repeatedly for protection.  What they got was hazardous duty pay.
         Was it or wasn’t it a “terrorist” attack seems hardly relevant.  What is relevant is that these patriots died in a prolonged, seven and a half hour fire fight, witnessed live by the highest level officials of the Administration, evidently without a realistic attempt to rescue them.  Two of them were found slumped over their machine gun.  They fought to the last.  The President’s response was to fly to Las Vegas the next day.  And dance around the issue. 
        Actually, in retrospect it does not mystify me much, since there has been little actual news coverage of this miserable, tragic defeat (yes, that’s what it was…the terrorists defeated us) by the main stream media.  Unless you have cable TV, listen to talk radio or perhaps read the Wall Street Journal, you may have heard little about it. 
        Why? Because it does not jive with the Administration’s campaign rhetoric that Bin Laden and terrorism are dead.  It does not jive with their apology tours and bowing and scraping before sultans, kings and dictators.  It does not jive with their interpretation of an Arab Spring, where everything is coming up roses.  It does not jive with the president’s “leading from behind,” an oxymoron if ever there was one.  And it does not jive because the liberal media will do anything to help reelect Obama.
        President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are hunkered down, hoping the crisis will blow over until after the election.  Of course the issue is being investigated.  The report is due on…get this… November 15.  How convenient.  How clever they are.  How stupid they think we are. 
        Personally, I  think President Obama should be relieved when he loses the election.  Even he, high up in that ivory tower he inhabits, must remember that Watergate, that long ago Keystone Cops affair in which nobody died but that brought down President Nixon, was covered up until after he was reelected to a second term.
        I will not trivialize this tragedy by calling it Benghazigate.  It is an outrage of infinitely greater magnitude. 

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