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Friday, October 19, 2012


Friday, 8:15 AM.  46 degrees F, wind W, calm.  The sky is mainly overcast but clearing after another night of off and on, gentle rain.  The barometer predicts sunny skies and that is what we will  have by late morning, I am sure.
        There are now as many colored leaves on the ground in Bayfield as are left on the trees, and lawns look like  reflections of the beauty above them. 
        I am in the middle of a project that I must finish before the weather turns, and hopefully it will be done before the weekend is over.  Painting the inside of the garage is something that mostly never gets done and I resolved some time ago to do it.  The worst part is all the stuff that has been hung up on the walls and is suspended from the ceiling, and that has grown like a fungus around the edges of the floor. Most of it is no longer used and really should be sold at a rummage sale or given to the Good Will (assuming they would take it). 
        Have you felt the growing tension between President Obama and the Clinton? It has always been there ("They played the race card on me"}, just beneath the surface, but has become more obvious with the growing Bengazi Consulate scandal.  Hillary has said she takes full responsibility for the mistakes that killed the ambassador and three other Americans, and that “the buck stops with me.”  The President, chagrined, replied that the buck stops with him (he’d sure like to be considered a Harry Truman).  Of course neither of them actually mean it, as they both still blame others, lower and lower on the chain of command as time goes by.  Eventually the mess will be blamed on someone too inconsequential to pose a threat, or on an underling willing to fall on his or her sword for the Administration.
         It is obvious that the President tried to pawn off the incident onto the Secretary of State, and that she was not going to be “thrown under the bus,”  as has happened to so many in this administration.  But, love them or hate them, the Clintons are  still one of the most powerful  political forces in the country, and if crossed could easily destroy the Obama reelection campaign with a few well chosen words. Keep your eye on  this one.  

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