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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Tuesday, 8:30 AM.  48 degrees F, wind WSW, moderate.  The sky is overcast and it is raining.  The barometer predicts rain, which I suspect it will do all day.
        The garage is painted, clean and organized, both vehicles in the garage.  But the lawn is deep in wet leaves. So, I’m still behind the curve.
        I was initially mystified by Romney’s demeanor in the debate last night; he was mostly non-confrontational, refusing to be drawn into contentious debate on Libya or almost any other foreign policy issue.  He stood his ground and made some salient comments but no more.  Romney even praised the President where he deserved it.
        About halfway through the debate, after loudly expressing my frustration, “There’s an opening, hit him!”  “Don’t let him get away with that bull!” it finally dawned on me that Romney’s strategy was to not get mired in tactical details, but to offer an alternative to the President’s failed policies, to present a new vision for America, and a strategy to achieve it.  He was not going to play “small ball.”
        The President set a lot of traps for him but Romney avoided them.  Romney looked and acted presidential, and most important of all defined the economy and domestic strength as the bedrock of any foreign policy.  Obama took his best shots, and Romney deftly deflected them.  I think Romney’s performance will look very good once the dust of the debate settles.
        I would have gotten into a slug fest, Romney did not.  He’s a lot smarter than me.

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