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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Tuesday, 8:45 AM.  35 degrees F, wind NE, moderate and picking up.  Smokey dark gray  clouds are scudding in at a relatively low elevation out of the north east, with some thin white clouds high above.  It looks like we are getting some unsettled weather pushing in from the monster storm on the east coast.  I can't remember ever being affected this far inland by an eastern storm.  Lakes Huron and Superior would  usually mute any such effect.  The barometer predicts rain.  Hopefully it will not be a major storm, as we head south to Oconomowoc tomorrow morning to visit old friends Bill and Allene and do some pheasant hunting on Thursday, then on to Madison for an Urban Forestry Council meeting on Friday.
      I got all the leaves mulched yesterday and will try to get the garden put to bed today, then we will be mostly ready for winter.
      The storm has more or less put political campaigning on hold for a few days, but it will be back with a vengeance soon.  Everyone is ready for the election, as Romney's surge seems to be continuing.   If the general public ever realizes the full extent of the Benghazi tragedy and its cover up,
that will be the last straw, and the Obama regime will fall, despite its support by the big unions and the biased media.

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