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Saturday, September 8, 2012



Saturday, 9:00 AM.  55 degrees F, wind just changed from NW fo SSW, light with moderate gusts.  The sky is pretty much overcast and the barometer predicts rain.  Coming home yesterday from Stevens Point we ran into intermittent rain the whole route.  I don't think we got any of it in Bayfield, although it has threatened.  I think the latest rain in the southern part of the state has been too late to help the corn crop but is certainly welcome nonetheless.  The Urban Forestry Council meeting at the University in Stevens Point was lively, but I am afraid I am at odds with some of the goals and methodologies being put in place at the federal and state levels of forestry administration.  Won't go into that at this point.
   We again saw lots of wild turkeys along Hwy 51 north of Wausau, usually in flocks of ten or more, which were probably family groups.  We were very pleased with the performance of our  new-old truck, the Honda Ridgeline.  It was much more comfortable than the Chevy and handled beautifully.  We got 23 miles per gallon average mileage on the road, a considerable improvement over 17, especially with gas at or over $4 per gallon.
   We did manage to watch the final two nights of the Democrat Convention.  The Vice President's speech we thought mostly empty  bluster.  The President's speech just plain empty. 

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