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Monday, June 3, 2013


Monday,  48 degrees F, wind NE, light.  The sky is clear, the barometer is steady at 30.12 and the humidity is down at 64%.  It i a gorgeous, if cool, day.
   The wild cherries have been blooming for several days, the one pictured being pin cherry, Prunus pensylvanica, a shrub or small tree, bearing light red, sour fruit.  Note that the flowers appear in umbels,  i.e., all arising from a common base.  We need to take a ride into the sand barrens, where the sand cherries should be in bloom now.  They can be quite a site in a good year, which I would think this to be.
   The red oaks, Quercus borealis,  are in full flower, the catkins still obviously longer than the young leaves.  Oak flowers are not always readily noticed since they may be quite high off the ground.
   Apple trees have begun to flower, but the orchards are not yet in full bloom, quite late indeed.
   Buddy is in culinary heaven lately, as we have gone out to lunch and dinner a number of times of late and continue to bring home leftovers, so he fares pretty well.  However, being a dog he would as soon his repasts ripened ain the sun a few days before being served.   Dogs are pretty disgusting creatures in many ways; but so are humans, and a disgusting dog seams easier to put up with than its human counterparts.
   I mowed the lawn on Saturday and it needs to be mown again.  This is great grass growing weather.

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