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Sunday, June 23, 2013




Sunday, 12:30 PM EDT, Columbus, Ohio.  89 degrees F, wind S, light. It is partly cloudy and a warm, pleasant summer day.  We arrived in town yesterday evening, after driving from Milwaukee through Chicago and Indianapolis. The drive through the Windy City was unusually quick and easy, and the rest of the trip uneventful. Our stay will be short, since daughter Greta is busy with summer school and  daughter Eva's family is arriving in Bayfield at the end of the week.  My camera is out of juice, so no photos today.
  The Urban Forestry Council meeting in Milwaukee was interesting, and included a tour of an award winning building dedicated to recycling urban wood and sustainable architecture, all of which sounds great but which I must temper with, "Nothing is sustainable unless it is economically sustainable," and that means without tax dollars.
   We went to a Milwaukee Brewers/Atlanta Braves baseball game Friday night with my cousin Susan and had a particularly good time because the home team won and it was an exciting game. They are natural rivals since the Braves were formerly the Milwaukee home team and are much hated because they unceremoniously left us without a team to go to Atlanta back in the 1960's.  Of course Milwaukee had stolen the braves from Boston back in the 1950's.  What goes around comes around, as they say.
   At the game we were treated to a pleasant, mysterious surprise.  Between the third and fourth inning I happened to glance up at the big TV screen behind center field, and there we saw, in huge blue letters, "The Brewers welcome Joan and Art Ode."  Now who would have posted this message?  First, only a few people knew we were actually going to the game, as Sue only bought tickets Thursday afternoon, although my Thursday morning blog did say we planned to attend.  Second, it costs more than a few bucks to post a greeting.  Third, a greeting must be posted 48 hours in advance, which no one could have done with any certainty.  Fourth, the tickets were not in our names.
   Cousin Sue  might have been able to work this out when she bought the tickets but, she insists vehemently that she did not do it. So the pleasant surprise remains a mystery, unless someone comes forward and admits they did it (Doug?).  We sure would like to know, so we can thank them for all the fun we have had because of it.

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