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Wednesday, June 5, 2013




Wednesday,  8:00 AM.  50 degrees F, wind NE, light.  The sky is overcast and it is raining, with about .15" accumulated so far.  The barometer is down slightly to 30.15", and the humidity is 95%.  It looks like it will be a rainy day.
   The common forget-me-not, Myosotis scorpioides, in the Borage family, is a common  plant of European origin that is much naturalized  in wet places and on damp ground.  It is weedy in the garden but can be very beautiful when occurring spontaneously.  It is considered a perennial but pretty much reseeds itself.  There are several native North American species but I am not familiar with them and most of what one encounters is, I think, this species.  There are other naturalized species as well. A species native to Alaska is the state flower.  The Greek genus name refers to to the mouse-ear-like  blue petals of the flower.  The forget-me-not has a rich history in literature and folklore.  This grouping is along a retaining wall on a property fronting Hwy. 13 on the north side of Bayfield.
   I have a simple solution for the current scandal of the IRS targeting  conservative 501c4 non-profit groups.  Get rid of this confusing, politically sensitive type of non-profit corporate designation.  The genre is supposedly educational but may spend up to 50% of its resources on political education.  What administration, right or left, is not going to be tempted to target it's opposing groups?  As far as I am concerned we can get rid of the entire 501 tax-free organization structure.  Should people be giving to charity for a tax deduction, or because of their beliefs?
   And, there is an easy way to get rid of all these mill-stones around the neck of the body politic.  Abolish all federal income and other taxes except a consumption tax, and put the IRS and all its storied abuses and the dangerous political chicanery associated with it out of business; charge everyone and every, religious, political..equally for the government services they receive, with no favors or abuses towards anyone.
   Control or reform the IRS?  Forget-about-it!

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