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Sunday, January 3, 2016




Sunday,  10:30 AM.  26.5 degrees F at the ferry dock, 24.5 on the back porch. Wind WSW, moderately gusty.  The sky is mostly overcast and cloudy, the humidity 74%.  The barometer stands at 30.26"and is still rising, but snow showers are predicted for early afternoon.  The city streets are mostly hard packed snow and ice and are somewhat slippery. We slept late after watching a very late, exciting football game between West Virginia and Arizona State; the Mountaineers won.
   I have been pondering the fate of the Almanac for some time.  I had been thinking that 8 years was enough to impose my generally trite news and views on others.  That, and the fact that it has been getting redundant, recounting all the annual transitions of weather and blooming times, illness and misadventures,  over and over again. Ad nausium, perhaps.
   Which might account for a considerable drop in readership.  Who cares what an old man thinks, anyway?
   But then again, it has been a small daily adventure and minor accomplishment, to write it.  And it has been a very positive thing for me to look forward to each morning, to see what the day has to offer in the way of beauty and knowledge, and to record our little misadventures, intuitions and insights.
   So I have resolved to continue to glean the positive from each day, and pass it on to any who care to read.  To do otherwise is to condemn myself to the negativity of old age.  I am reminded once again of Robert Ruark's classic, "The Old Man and the Boy," when the old man, being in his cups, says, "Two things got no place on this earth.  An old dog and an old man.  Neither serves any useful purpose, and both generally smell bad."
   Can't do much about the latter, but the former is at least subject to modification. Upon further consideration, maybe both.

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