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Saturday, January 9, 2016




Saturday, 9:00 AM.  17 degrees F at the ferry dock, 16 on the back porch.  Wind N, calm with moderate gusts.  The sky has a low overcast, it is foggy over the channel and it is snowing lightly.  The humidity is 83% and the barometer is rising, currently at 30.03".  Yesterday's melting ice and snow refroze and it is very slippery, covered with a light topping of fresh snow.  My first step on the road this morning left me deposited unceremoniously on the ground.  It was a short walk after that.
   These photos were taken a week ago, on Jan. 2 at sunset, from just west of Hwy. 13, in the valley between the Sioux River and Onion River watersheds.  The skies have been pretty much cloudy since then. 
   I was elated by the sheer joy of the moment when taking these pictures.  The gorgeous sunset lasted only minutes before it all clouded over, and Joan and I felt privileged to have witnessed such a sublime display of nature's beauty, and I was determined to share it with you.

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