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Thursday, January 7, 2016


WINTER ROAD (Tenth Street)

Tuesday, 9:00 AM.  32 degrees at fhe ferry dock, 29 on the back porch.  Wind variable, calm. The sky is overcast and foggy, the humidity 95% and the barometer diving, now at 30.95".  We got about 3" of wet snow last night, with more predicted for days to come.  The temperatures will fall to normal January levels as well.  Looks like Old Man Winter is catching up to us.
   The black willows pictured are in the woods on the east side of Ninth Street, between Old Military and Wilson Ave.  They have not been trimmed except for some branches that encroached on the road.  They are massive and have a wide spread, with deeply ridged black bark.  Their habit is to bend over with age, or for branches to break off and produce new sucker general to spread out far and wide in every direction.
  Willows (except pussy willows) are not for a smaller property, but in the right location and enough space they can be interesting and beautiful in the landscape.  It is difficult indeed to accommodate a mature black willow except on a large acreage, although with care and in the right spot it is possible (see the willow in Martha's Fantastic Garden).

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