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Friday, March 11, 2016


CALVING GLACIER (Google photo)


Friday, 8:30 AM.  31 degrees F at the ferry dock, 29 on the back porch.  Wind SSW, calm with occasional light gusts.  The sky is hazy but clearing.  The humidity is 92% and the barometer is more or less steady, at 30.06".  It should be a nice day.
   There is a lot of early spring animal and bird activity now; the pilleated woodpeckers are drumming loudly on trees, the mourning doves are cooing, squirrels are everywhere, and a pair of ruffed grouse have been visiting the back porch, eating seeds fallen from the bird feeder.  I have been watching for bear sign, as they are certainly awakening with the mild weather, but we may not see any around unless neighbors are foolish enough to leave their garbage out (or pies to cool on the windowsill). 
   Breaking News: Climate Change deniers beware!  If you do not agree with the view of the Obama Administration that human activity is responsible for drastic climate change, the Attorney General may bring civil suit against you under the RICO (organized crime) laws.  How's that for an outright assault on the First Amendment?
   Sure, the climate is changing.  If it hadn't changed dramatically in recent geological history, I would be sitting under a mile of ice right now.  Climate changes; that's what it does.  And it wasn't human activity that produced the dramatic climate change of the post glacial period  (and, the "experts" were preaching as recently as twenty-five years ago that the glaciers were returning ).
   I believe the current global warming trend, if it is indeed anything more than a routine upward curve in a long  climatic cycle, is caused primarily by increased solar activity, along with volcanic activity and changes in ocean currents.  And, that the "scientific consensus" for global warming is nothing more than an outrageous left wing attempt to justify an enormous and crippling transfer of wealth from the West, primarily the United States, to poorer countries and other political systems.
   There!  I cite no scientific authority, I have used my own observations and knowledge to reach my conclusions, so sue me!  Sue me for having my own beliefs! Sue me for not being politically correct!  Sue me, you neo-fascists, sue me!

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