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Wednesday, May 4, 2016



Wednesday, 8:00 AM.  46 degrees F at the ferry dock, 42 on the back porch.  Wind again NNE, gusty at times, rendering today cooler than yesterday with its warm westerly winds.  The sky is clear and sunny, the humidity down to 62%.  The barometer is rising, now at 29.96".  It rained off and on yesterday but nothing very measurable. It is a nice morning overall.
   Political commentary: Deciding between Trump and Hillary is like being between the devil and the deep blue sea.  I dislike them both, and trust neither.
   The garden and yard cleanup continued yesterday, between the raindrops.  It was a good thing the rain provided an excuse for a lot of breaks from the work, because I needed them, being stiff and sore from the first bout of gardening, but it will all come together soon.
   I like to use an inch or two of mulch in gardens and shrub beds, just enough to conserve moisture and provide a sense of neatness.  The area I euphemistically call the  herb garden needs a few plants but it is still too early to set them out.  It will be easy enough to scrape some of the mulch back to plant a few small potted herbs and flowers in a week or so.
   I also used the break time to finalize my order of city trees, check out the planting sites and set up delivery.  The next few weeks will be super busy with orders and planting jobs, for both the city and for my own  customers.
   A big  garden job can be made a lot easier by dividing it up into smaller sections and completing them one at a time.
   A sense of accomplishment is a great motivator.

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