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Sunday, November 27, 2016


Sunday, 8:30 AM.  36 degrees F at the ferry dock, 31 on the back porch.  Wind variable with light gusts.  The sky is overcast and it is foggy over the Bay.  The humidity is 95%, the barometer 29.99" and beginning to fall rapidly, predicting warmer temperatures and rain tomorrow, then cooling and snow by Thursday.  It's been a goodly time since we have had a sunny day, and I may have to find a cheap flight to some Southwestern desert.
   There are still several large flocks of Canada geese hanging out on the lower Chequamegon Bay at Ashland.  There is probably no real reason for them to fly further south unless the weather gets really cold.  The Bay won't freeze for quite a while, and there probably will be plenty of food  in neighboring fields until we get a lot of snow.
   These seem to be very large birds for the most part, and large geese are usually locals or don't migrate very far.  Except in severe winters there is usually open water as near as the Mississippi and lower St. Croix Rivers (of course there is usually open water further out on the big lake, but that isn't  winter habitat for geese).  Currently these geese leave at sunset to feed somewhere locally; we will note when they leave for the winter for good.
    Sore losers can cause a lot of trouble, never accepting the outcome of a game  (or election) that they have lost fair and square.  Hillary has already conceded to an amazing landslide defeat but now, at the instigation of Jill Stein of the Green Party, who got a whopping 1% of the vote, joins in a recount effort in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania. 
    There is no evidence that there were any problems with the electoral process, and I guess since it is not a court case it isn't necessary for these trouble makers to have standing, or real cause, for demanding the action.
    The recount is requested on the dubious premise that "there could have been" hack attacks or other problems with the vote count. Yes, there could have been a zombie apocalypse, I suppose; but it's the Democrats with the greatest propensity to have the dead walk from the cemetery to the polling booth, just as the stone dead Vince Foster walked from the White House to the park.
   We have seen all this before; the Democrat's desire to keep counting and recounting, until by some slight of hand they eventually win.
    It is getting tiresome.

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