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Monday, March 13, 2017




Monday, 9:00 AM.  15 degrees F at the ferry dock and on the back porch as well.  The wind is variable and calm, the humidity 89%.  It is snowing and there is heavy fog.  The barometer is steady, at 30.57".  We were surprised to see four plus inches of snow this morning, and it looks like like we will get a lot more.  The forecast for the week ahead is more wintry weather through at least Thursday, then warming up.  March is a fickle month.
   Having promised Buddy I would take him for a run on the beach, we ventured out late yesterday afternoon.  We didn't stay long, as the wind was again blowing a gale, and even though the temperature was in the twenties it was very bitter. The newly formed ice looked as though the waves had been flash frozen, as though the water was still in motion.
   And up in the orchard country, we saw this pitiful old sugar maple, almost hacked in half by woodpeckers, giving up its last drops of sap for maple syrup.

When The Spying Will Stop
   I think by now we all know there is no longer any privacy.  Everybody, and especially the state, has its nose in everyone else's business.   I used to get upset by all the cameras everywhere, but like a low-grade toothache, I have begun to tolerate and ignore them.  But I have to admit to some paranoia, such as the feeling that I am being surreptitiously filmed when I open the refrigerator door and the light goes on.
  I no longer trust the microwave, and my suspicions about the TV have been confirmed.
  When will all the spying stop?  Will we have to take a sledge hammer to all our modern conveniences, or at best speak in whispers when in their presence?  Will we need to have a revolution? Elections no longer seem to change things.
   Take heart, as I can tell you when the spying will end.  It will stop when women realize that some creep, deep in the bowels of the CIA or FBI digs, is peeking at them in the morning, before they put their makeup on. Not even their husbands get away with that.
   The whole unsavory enterprise, spooks and all, will then disappear like a bad dream, as did the Berlin wall.  Women, united in purpose, will march on Washington like never before, and dismantle the whole seedy enterprise, stone by stone.

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