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Tuesday, March 21, 2017



Tuesday, 9:00 AM.  25 degrees F both at the ferry dock and on the back porch. Wind NW, constant and strong. Skies mostly clear, the humidity a low 66%.  The barometer is rising, currently at 30.36".  Today will be cool but sunny, Tomorrow a bit warmer and sunny, Thursday warmer  still with a chance of rain, then cooling off to around freezing, with wintry weather.  The sap buckets will be full this afternoon.
   I believe that Buddy, whom I have from the start of our relationship identified as an English Pointer, is actually an Italian Pointer, as last night he polished off all the leftover Chicken Alfredo, peas and all.  That's OK, we're all immigrants, but I don't think he would make a good Supreme Court Justice, his heritage and considerable talents notwithstanding. 
   Continuing in that vein, today will be the start of questioning by the Senate of Judge Niel Gorsuch, the President's nominee for the Supreme Court to replace that famed magistrate of Italian descent, Antonin Scallia. I have good information that contrary to most expectations, the nomination will not be easy, as the Democrats will accuse Gorsuch of one of the greatest crimes known to man, or at least to fly fishermen, that elite group of sportsmen to which the candidate claims to be a member in good standing.
   My sources tell me that Gorsuch, who has made great claims to be a fly fishermen, will be accused of an apostasy, a crime against humanity,  that greatest calumny of all, which he will probably deny and thus perjure himself:
   Fishing with worms!

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