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Sunday, April 10, 2011




Sunday, 8:00 AM.  44 degrees, wind NNE, calm.  It is foggy and damp, having rained hard enough to wake me up at about 4:30 AM, and hard enough to bring countless night crawlers out onto the roads.  The barometer predicts rain, as well.  The steelhead should be running up the rivers soon, so I bought my fishing license.
    Yesterday we took a trip to Delta, where there is a contract being let for restoration of portions of Twin Bear County Park that I may bid on, and being there around lunch time Joan and I ate at the Delta Diner.  It is a way- out-of-the way restaurant, serving upscale diner food in a classic, restored diner brought here some years back from upstate New York.  The food is delicious, if a bit over the top for diner fare as I remember it.  But, it is always a treat to stop, and their malts take us back to our youths.
    Question of the day: now that the events are old news, will we ever hear anything substantive again about the Japanese disaster and its nuclear emergency, or the Libyan sort-of-war, or the Ivory Coast tribal massacres, or so many other once-gripping emergencies and tragedies?  We have become an instant gratification, shallow minded, nosey, celebrity driven society, a sort of attention deficit nation most of whose political representatives are stuck in the same juvenile mode.  Text me, twitter me, titillate me, anything to keep me from having to look beyond my nose or think beyond puberty.  And some actually grown up society or nation will soon replace us, I am afraid, if we don’t quickly mature.  I thought the Great Recession might accomplish that, but it looks like we will sit and pout and whine and stomp our little feet until mommy or the government or God or the Devil or somebody gives us what we want.

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  1. Sadly you have it 100% correct. What about the Gulf Oil spill?They reported yesterday that dolpins were washing up on beaches in the Gulf and they didn't understand why? Really??
    The Delta Diner is wonderful. The drive is nice also. A side trip to Morgan Falls is fun.
    Gems of the Northland!