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Friday, April 22, 2011



Friday, 8:00 AM.  39 degrees, wind WSW, very calm.  The morning ferry  spreads gentle ripples across the glassy channel waters, and the sky is overcast with high gray  clouds.  It might be the calm before the storm, as the barometer predicts rain.
    Lucky had a bad day yesterday and I had to carry him to his bed beside ours last night, but he seems better this morning.  I didn’t try to get him to take a walk, but he was with me while I worked in the yard before breakfast.  One thing I have learned about dogs; they are either up or down, seldom anything in between, and the smell of food or some other expectation can literally raise them from their death bed, at least until they collapse again.
    I have railed about the Federal Reserve flooding the world with dollars of decreasing value, but it is difficult for anyone, much less a common citizen, to do anything about it, as the super secretive Fed is really not accountable to much of anyone except its own members, who of course are all banks, and bankers.  The Federal Reserve is nothing more, as I see it, than a national bank writ large, and the function of a national bank, and even whether the nation should have one, has been a contentious issue right from the founding of the republic.  Andrew Jackson, Old Hickory, fought the national bank as hard as he fought the British, as he considered both to be oppressors of the people.  Although he defeated both, the Bank, like Dracula, rose again after he was gone.  Where is the old knife fighter, now that we need him more than ever?
     Economics is considered the “dismal science,” but it is one we are all learning very fast, as inflation really starts to bite.

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