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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Wednesday, 8:00 AM.  33 degrees, wind N, calm.  The sky is overcast and the sun is struggling to shine through.  It has snowed a bit and it is a rather sloppy morning, but the barometer at least predicts partly cloudy skies.

    Andy and Judy are closing up the camp today and won't be back until June, so they came to dinner last night, and  Joan cooked a wonderful poached trout and whitefish dinner.
    I did more pruning yesterday and cut back dead growth in the garden and raked out all the debris.  Today I will fertilize with Milorganite and put down mulch.   The garden needs a makeover but I can’t get at that big job until fall.  When I was young I always said there was no way to get in shape for summer construction work except to do it, the same with digging trees.  I might add that is also true of gardening.  Walking, exercise routines, whatever, never does much for the muscle groups needed to do the work of gardening.  I make that statement while experiencing the gardener’s lament; stiff knees, aching back and sore hands.

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