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Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Tuesday, 8:30 AM.  39 degrees F, wind W, light with stronger gusts.  The barometer stands at 30.07 in., the humidity is 80% and the sky is mostly overcast.  A new storm is brewing in the W. but the barometer is not falling as yet. The ice is out at the beach, but is still there at Red Cliff and above.
   Please note reader Pat Weedon's comment on yesterday's blog and watch the Bayfield channel ice go out two days ago on U-tube,  through Pat's time lapse photography.
   Like you, I have been watching the aftermath of the terrorist attack in Boston on TV...over and over.  What do I make of it all?  it emphasizes to me that Iran must not have a nuclear weapon, and we should cooperate with Israel to eliminate that threat immediately.  Whether Iran is directly behind the latest terrorist attack or not, the event illustrates again how vulnerable any open and free society is to such horrendous attacks, and the unstable and evil mullahs cannot be allowed to have the capability to attack us with nuclear weapons, give them to terrorists or blackmail us with threats of their use.  Iran's nuclear program is an existential threat to us and the entire free world.

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