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Tuesday, April 30, 2013



Tuesday,  9:00 AM.  50 degrees on the porch, much colder near the lake.  The wind is NE, calm to light.  The sky is mostly clear but quite hazy.  The barometer is sightly down at 29.45 in., and the humidity is 93%.  We may get thunder storms later today and possibly snow tomorrow.
   The quaking aspen, Populous tremuloides, are blooming now, I just noticed them on our walk this morning.  The daffodils should bloom in a day or two if they don't get snowed on.
   President Obama has had, to me, a rather amazing several days of appearances, starting with a  private address to the taxpayer funded abortion provider Planed Parenthood ...., and ending  as host of the annual White House Press Dinner.  Quite a range of activity; from supporting a despicable industry with the full moral (or immoral) weight of the most powerful political office on earth, to  Comedian in Chief.  I didn't think his one-liners were very humorous, although he of course was "cool" as usual.  It pains me greatly that while new spring life blooms all around us our government funds the wanton destruction of new human life.
    If what is being done with public money to nearly full-term human babies were being done in a veterinarian's office to puppies, the outrage would be immeasurable and PETA would force it to close.  
It is the rare animal that kills its own offspring... and we  claim to be the more advanced species.

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