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Wednesday, May 1, 2013



Wednesday, 8:30 AM.  40 degrees F, wind W, moderate with stronger gusts.  There is a high overcast, the barometer is steady at 30.21 in. and the humidity is 71%.  It looks like rain and a few drops have fallen.  Heavy snow is predicted for tonight and tomorrow.  Yuk!
   We have all been taking nice walks on town and country roads and Buddy is really happy.
   The president said the other day that those of us who don't accept his radical policies are "stuck in the '50's."  I guess Joan and I are in that category.  Now the 1950's weren't perfect, and the TV series of a few years back, "Happy Days," was a bit of an exaggeration.  However, there are a lot of aspects of that era that were better than today.  To list a few:

  • Most children had two parents, living together with them at home.
  • Parents could let their children go to the park or ride a bus or go to a movie without fear of them being molested or abducted.
  • You weren't ashamed to watch TV or a movie with your children or your mother.
  • There were always a few drunks, but there weren't any crackheads.
  • You didn't worry much about whether your neighbor might blow up the baseball stadium.
  • You could go to the doctor and even a hospital and pretty much pay for it.  Most families did not have or need medical insurance.
  • Most children grew up with the Ten Commandments so had some fundamental concept of right and wrong.
  • Hookers did not walk the streets in broad daylight.
  • If you wanted to gamble away your paycheck you had to find a floating crap game, or go to Los Vegas.
  • People were ashamed to receive public assistance, and most everyone that wanted a job had one.
  • Everybody "Liked Ike."
  • The "buck stopped" on the President's desk.
  You know, maybe the 1950's were the Happy Days!

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