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Tuesday, May 28, 2013






Tuesday,  8:00 AM.  52 degree F, wind NNE, calm to light.  The sky is mostly overcast with some intermittent sunshine.  The barometer is trending down, at 29.82 in.  The humidity is up, at 72%.  We should get some rain in the near future, which is O.K. because the flat of pansies that I planted will need watering again soon. I have cocoa been hulls to much the perennial garden with, but should put down some fertilizer first, and it would be good to have it rain beforehand as well. I have continued the weeding and revamping project I started in the perennial border last fall, and  it looks pretty good.  I will continue to tweak it until it is back in shape.
   I haven't seen (or I think heard) a spring warbler since Saturday, so I think it safe to say the migration has moved on.  It was sure great while it lasted.
   We have a Tree Board meeting at 10:00 this morning and we need to check the watering on all the newly planted trees, and do training pruning  on last year's trees, and pull the support stakes.
   I attended the Memorial Day service yesterday at Bayfield's Greenwood Cemetery.  It was wonderfully done, very dignified and proper.  The National Anthem was sung by a local young woman who sang in key, knew all the words, and didn't have a celebrity moment of singing notes that don't belong in the song. Another young woman played taps perfectly, and the honor guard did itself proud.      There were probably fifty or more people in attendance, a goodly amount, I thought, for our small town.  The memorial wreath was laid by the sister of a Vietnam Veteran who's remains were recently found and will soon be repatriated.  l haven't taken the time to read many headstones, but the town cemetery is old, and I know there are numerous grave markers from the Civil War, and I am sure from every conflict since.  It is hallowed ground.


  1. Be careful with the coco mulch--dogs will eat it, and if they do they will become very, very sick.