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Saturday, May 11, 2013




Saturday, 8:30 AM.  42 degrees F, wind W, rather strong.  The sky is partly sunny at times with a very high overcast.  The barometer is down at 29.97 in. and the humidity is 59%.  I think we will get some showers today.
   The City of Bayfield hosts an annual dumpster day, when residents can dispose of almost anything except toxic waste and electronics.  Four big containers are parked today on Washington Ave. near the Big Ravine, and city employees with two end loaders are helping residents put things in the dumpsters.  I disposed of a good pickup load last night to avoid the rush.
   There is justifiable anger among conservatives over the IRS automatically denying or impeding registration of tax exempt status for organizations with conservative sounding names, or words such as "tea party"  in their titles.  This is certainly a smoking gun regarding improper partiality in a democratic system and there should be a serious investigation.
   However, an investigation alone does not address the basic, crucial issue.  The IRS, along with the EPA and numberless other governmental agencies is a monstrous and overbearing bureaucracy, the powers of which can be abused by any administration, whether of the left or the right.  
   The IRS is far too powerful, and dangerous to liberty and justice, and should be replaced by a system of taxation which does not require such great administrative and enforcement powers.   It should be put in the dumpster and bulldozed into the landfill of history, along with fascism, communism, statism and all the other noxious isms.

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