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Wednesday, May 8, 2013



Wednesday, 8:30 AM.  40 degrees F, wind calm.  The channel is like glass.  The sky is cloudless with some  haze in the east.  The barometer is trending down at 30.07 in. and the humidity is 87% (the snow is still melting).  Daffodils and minor spring bulbs are blooming.
   There is a lot of cleanup to do everywhere this spring and that is occupying everyone's time, including my own.  Rake, prune, paint...and after that, plant.
   I see that the military is experiencing another spate of "sexual assault" crises.  Could it possibly be the result of having  nineteen year olds of mixed gender sharing living quarters, and rolling around on the ground together?
   And in yet another instance of politically correct insanity, a seven year old boy has been expelled from school for two days for pointing a pencil like a pistol.  Had that been the case when I was a child I we would all have been  "lifers."

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