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Friday, May 17, 2013




Friday,  7:30 AM.  44 degrees F, wind ENE, light with stronger gusts. The sky is mostly cloudy and somewhat overcast. The barometer is steady at 30.14 in. and the humidity is 70%.  It looks and feels like rain.
   It is seldom that the actual ever rises to the level of its anticipation.  Last evening was one of those rare occasions when it does.  Blog reader Doug Petersen of North Carolina and his wife Susan stopped by in Bayfield while visiting in Stillwater, MN,  and took Joan and I to dinner at the Portside Restaurant. Doug and I have been corresponding by email for some time. and he has introduced me to the work of author and philosopher G. K. Chesterton, of whom I have become a great fan.  We and the Petersens have a great deal in common, from our families to our taste in literature to our  politics.  We had a great time, and look forward a long, even if distant, friendship.
   Magnolia blossoms are often nipped by frost in Bayfield, but this spring seems to be ideal for them.  The white Magnolia stellata pictured is at the Chateau Boutin, and is I think the variety 'Doctor Merill'.
Magnolias are quite hardy but they want to bloom too early most years.  More about Magnolias another time, as this is a busy, busy day.

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