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Friday, December 25, 2015



BRUTAL OUT ON THE LAKE (Madeline Island in the distance)
Christmas morning, 10:00 AM.  21 degrees F at the ferry dock, 19 on the back porch.  Wind SW, calm with light gusts.  The sky is overcast, the humidity 85%.  The barometer is sky-high at 30.33," but snow is predicted for tomorrow.
   Joan and I are celebrating Christmas by ourselves this year.  The roads are bad and we decided not to drive anywhere this year, neither do we encourage family to risk winter travel on icy roads.  We will receive telephone calls aplenty from children and grandchildren as the day progresses.  It was a quiet Christmas Eve and it will be a quiet Christmas Day.
   I was pleasantly surprised to see a real snowman (not one of those inflated plastic things) this morning, evidence of the toddler that is the child of the Cost Guard couple that moved in next door a couple of months ago.  There aren't many children anymore in Bayfield, and there would probably be none if not for the young military couples.  What would Christmas be without children, anyway?
   Yesterday was another cold and slippery day, and to get some exercise Buddy and I again went for a walk/run at the beach.  The sand was frozen crusty enough to be a good walking surface and we both got enough exercise, the wind still being strong enough in the open stretches to take one's breath away.
   As we progressed along the shore, a small boat with two fishermen and all the trolling  bells and whistled motored by.  It must have been brutal in the wind and cold out on the water.  I assume they were trolling for trout and salmon. I watched them for a while until they disappeared from sight but never saw a rod bend or a fish netted.  They must have been awfully bored or hungry to be out there.
   In any case, have a Merry Christmas, and take time to ponder these ancient verities: that mankind is a failed species (just read the headlines), in need of the salvation offered through the gift of the Christ Child on that first Christmas, two-thousand and more years ago.

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