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Wednesday, December 30, 2015


NO ICE YET AT LITTE SAND BAY (Eagle Island in distance, center left)


Wednesday,  8:30 AM.  26 degrees F at the ferry dock, 23 on the back porch.  Wind NW, calm with light gusts.  The sky is overcast, with dark snow clouds on the southern horizon. The humidity is 88% and the barometer 30.23" and falling.  Sunshine is still predicted for the weekend.
   Spending time yesterday with friend Andy, we rode around the countryside looking at the face of winter.  We drove out to the Apostle Islands' Little Sand Bay, and as we expected, found the lake still unfrozen, although we could see what looks like ice far out on the lake.
   The Raspberry River drains thousands of acres of forested upland before it descends into swampland and eventually empties into Lake Superior.  Its headlands are still running free as well.  
   The lake is too restless to freeze, and many of the streams have too much running water to freeze, so in spite of the low temperatures, much water remains unfrozen.

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