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Monday, October 10, 2016




Monday, late afternoon.  I have been having trouble with my internet connection so this is brief and with late photos.  The problem may be with too much traffic on the net, I don't know.  Anyway it is a beautiful fall day, temperature in the sixties and blue sky and great fall color, with rain on the way.
   Applefest is over, we didn't bother to get into the mess, which has become far too large for our simple tastes. Hate the helicopter rides!
   The biggest news is that yesterday Buddy got to go to church for the annual Blessing of the Animals, an old Episcopal as well as Catholic tradition and one which we find charming and very worthwhile.  The strict Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Church that I attended as a child would have us all going to Hell, both humans and dogs (back in the day, at least).  Saint Francis was a great, if unusual, saint in that he loved animals and believed in their ethical treatment at a time when they were often mistreated, misunderstood and undervalued, both in nature and in captivity.  Saint Francis died in 1226 and his feast day is Oct. 4.
   Long story short, Buddy got blessed by the priest at the alter, and seemed to enjoy the whole experience once again. Particularly the treats he got afterword. But right now he needs a good run.
   We hope we will have better internet service tomorrow, but in the meantime do not forget all God's creatures, both great and small, and our obligations to all of them and to His creation.

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