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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

3/09/11 DEAR JANET...


Wednesday, 8:00 AM.  33.5 degrees, wind NE, right off the lake, light with stronger gusts.  The sky is overcast but clearing.  It is a day that could use a business plan.
    State representative Janet Bewley wrote a letter to the Ashland Daily Press the other day in which she stated that she could see what democracy really looked like recently by looking out her office window…”Thousands and thousands of ordinary people exercising their right… to protest…”  Evidently, for her the crowd marching around the capitol and banging on drums and screaming epithets in its rotunda is more democratic than citizens exsersizing their rights at the polling place.  Does  a shout now equal a vote?  Is the protest now more important than the ballot box?  Do sheer numbers of people, citizens and not, running amuck in the streets of the capital now decide public policy?
    Dear Janet, you have mistaken the face of of the mob for the face of democracy.  You should remember some history; why Rome had bread, circuses and a Praetorian Guard; why our Founding Fathers created a separate District of Columbia and established it far from any existing major population centers; and why the French Revolution ended in chaos, and finally despotism.
When the mob finds it easily gets its way through mere intimidation it will likely return with the far more effective tools of violence. When one mob gets its way, it will not be long before there are opposing mobs fighting in the streets.  Hollywood's  Michael Moore came to the capital on Saturday, and triumphantly called it Egypt. Janet, is that what you want Wisconsin to be?
Dear Janet, please remember that you represent  the voters of your district, not the rabble outside your office window. 
    In Wauwatosa last night, a town meeting was taken over by a chanting, shouting mob of what appeared to be union members, and had to be adjourned.

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